The Chocolate Faucet

A continuous flow of Cocoa Forge chocolate shipped to you every month.

Sail Away

starting small with a limited number of clients and will add more “seats” as we sail along.

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The Cocoa Forge

Adventure Statement

Seek out the world’s most enchanting,
rare and extraordinary
and gently
create this
Food of the Gods;
Respectfully present it
to you
in its purest form.

The Cocoa Forge

From selecting the beans to hand-wrapping each bar, this one-woman operation is dedicated to bringing you not only the finest chocolate, but the story behind it as well. Come explore the Cocoa Forge and discover the journey, the history, and the quest to preserve these heirloom cacao beans. This chocolate pool is deep, dark, and mysterious. Jump in.

Have you tasted real chocolate?

Most people have never tasted real chocolate, and yet in history…wars were fought over these beans… so sacred they were present for every life ceremony… used as money, tax and tribute… ritually used to symbolize the human heart and blood. Sign up for your monthly box today and find out why. You will receive four large bars every month. Each box will be something new and unique as we explore the equator to find the next great chocolate adventure.

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